StarterKit Plus

Ajax StarterKit Plus is designed for protection of homes, apartments, offices or commercial premises against intrusion. The kit consists of the Hub Plus intelligent control panel, MotionProtect motion detector, DoorProtect opening detector and SpaceControl key fob with panic button.

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    Authentication to prevent forgery
    Jamming detection and communication channels encryption
    Tampering alarm

Assists in protecting the entrance from break-ins through windows and doors


Uses Wi-Fi, Ethernet, WCDMA and GSM to send alarms to the Central Monitoring Station and the system’s owner


Is controlled using the mobile app and key fob

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Foundation for maximum protection

StarterKit Plus is the starting point for constructing a comprehensive security system for protection against intrusion. It can be connected to up to 150 various detectors and 50 cameras. The kit is scaled to rooms of any size due to additional devices: two-level apartment, three-storey mansion, office, shop or cafeteria, storage room.

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    For home and apartment

  • For office

  • For shop and cafeteria

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Instant alarm sending

The communication between the detectors and the Hub is provided by the Jeweller long-range technology. It ensures placement of detectors at a distance of up to 2000 meters. Jeweller eliminates radio signal substitution and interception, encrypts all data, and is capable of detecting jamming. If an incident occurs, the detector transmits an alarm to the hub in 0.15 seconds, and then sends it via one of four communication channels (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, WCDMA and GSM) to the owner’s smartphone and the Central Monitoring Station.

  • Connects devices up to 2,000 meters away

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    Transmits alarms from detectors to the hub within 0.15 seconds

  • Encrypts data and detects radio jamming & interference

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Easy installation

StarterKit Plus is installed in 30 minutes. This requires minimum number of tools and efforts. All devices are ready to operate straight out the box: they come with default settings and pre-installed batteries. Interactive installation wizard in the mobile application will help you connect detectors and test detection zones. If you need expert installation, you can always contact the installers.

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Flexible access set up

The StarterKit Plus can be controlled using key fobs and a free mobile application. Up to 99 persons can arm and disarm the system, invite friends to monitor the room, receive notifications and respond to alarms. The system administrator controls the access and may limit rights of each user.

  • Up to 99 users

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    Flexible access configuration

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Professional protection

Security companies admit requests for connection of StarterKit Plus to the monitoring console. In case of an alarm, the rapid response team will arrive at the scene in 3–7 minutes to apprehend the intruder. The security experts will guard your peace around the clock with the service of response on pressing the panic button, which can be ordered optionally.

Tech specs

Complete set

Second generation intelligent control panel
Wireless motion detector
Wireless opening detector
Wireless key fob

Maximum number of connected devices


Maximum number of users


Mobile applications

iOS 9.1 and later
Android 4.1 and later

Alarm signal delivery time

0.15 s

Battery life of the detectors

Up to 7 years

Jeweller radio technology

Communication range — up to 2,000 m in an open space
Two-way communication between devices
Operating frequencies — 868.0—868.6 MHz
Self-adjusting RF output power — up to 20 mW
Block encryption based on AES algorithm
Device polling period — 12−300 s

Communication channels

Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz (802.11 b/g/n)
2G (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
3G (WCDMA 900/2100 (B8/B1))

SIM card support

Micro SIM 2G & 3G

Power supply

Mains supply: 110–240 V
Battery backup: Li-Ion 2 A⋅h
Up to 16 hours of battery life when Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections are disabled

Video surveillance

Up to 50 cameras or DVRs

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